MyHep LVIR Tablet

Trade Name:– MyHep LVIR

Manufacturer: –Mylan
Pharmaceutical industry company

Presentation:- Tablets

Strength:- 90/400mg

Introduction of MyHep LVIR Tablet

Myhep Lvir Tablet is a blend of two antiviral solutions. This expertly endorsed drug is used in the treatment of persevering hepatitis C disease (HCV) sickness. It fights against the diseases to decide the defilement.

Myhep Lvir should be taken in the embraced part and range. It will in general be taken paying little mind to food, yet take it at the same time every day. Consuming more than the proposed portion is admonished not. It is imperative to enlighten your essential consideration doctor if you have any sicknesses like liver or kidney disease. It is disastrous to drink alcohol close to this drug, so it is urged to confine or avoid alcohol. The course of the drug should be done for superior outcomes.

The ordinary consequences of this medicine are lethargy and cerebral agony. You should drink a ton of fluid and eat a sound eating routine to prevent or beat the coincidental impacts. Preceding taking the drug, enlighten your PCP if you are taking a few different prescriptions or improvements.


  • Treatment of Chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.


In Treatment of Progressing hepatitis C contamination (HCV) sickness
Hepatitis C is a liver sickness achieved by the hepatitis C disease (HCV). Exactly when the illness moves into a trustworthy stage, it is called continuous hepatitis C disease infection. Myhep Lvir Tablet lessens the amount of hepatitis C disease by holding it back from spreading in your body. This helps control the tainting and helps you with recovering speedier. You truly ought to acknowledge this drug as supported, following the estimation recommended by your PCP.

Side effect:

Most coincidental impacts require no clinical thought and evaporate as your body changes with the drug. Counsel your PCP in case they persevere then again accept for the time being that you’re worried about them
Typical side effects of Myhep Lvir

  • Drowsiness
  • Cerebral agony

How to use MyHep LVIR Tablet

Take this medication in the piece and reach as incited by your PCP. Gulp down it as an entire. Take the necessary steps not to snack, pound, or break it. This Tablet might be taken paying little notice to food, yet taking it at a genuine time is better.

How MyHep LVIR Tablet works

Myhep Lvir Tablet is a mix of two antiviral medications: Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir. They work by cutting down how much hepatitis C disease in the body and disposing of the disease from the blood all through some timespan.

Quick tips

  • Myhep Lvir Tablet is utilized for the treatment of productive hepatitis C tainting (HCV) disease.
    Take it with food, ideally meanwhile standard.
  • You will by and large have to take this medication dependably for one or the other 12 or 24 weeks.
  • Skipping estimations develops the bet of treatment disappointment. Ensure that you take every one of your sections splendidly.
  • It could cause exhaustion, unsteadiness, and blurred vision. Try not to drive or do anything requiring fixation until you comprehend what it means for you.
  • This Tablet could cause cerebral miseries. Hydrate and take a reasonable pain reliever. Edify your fundamental thought specialist on the off chance that it doesn’t disappear.
  • Your PCP could screen your liver capacity and how much hepatitis C illness is in your body routinely.
  • Try not to quit taking this remedy without your PCP’s proposition.

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