Mitomycin 40mg Injection Mitomycin

Trade Name: Mitomycin

Manufacturer: Zydus

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 40mg

What is a Mitomycin 40mg Injection?

Low-grade upper tract urothelial cancer (LG-UTUC) is treated with Mitomycin 40mg Injection. LG-UTUC is a type of cancer of the lining of the upper urinary tract (e.g., the lining of the kidney).

What is mitomycin used to treat?

Mitomycin is a kind of anti-toxin that is just utilized in malignant growth chemotherapy. It eases back or stops the development of malignant growth cells in your body.

How would you utilize mitomycin infusion?

Mitomycin C 10mg An injection is given as an infusion into a vein under the oversight of a specialist and ought not to be self-regulated. Your doctor will decide what portion is important and how frequently you want to take it. This will depend upon what you are being treated for and may change now and again.

What are the Mitomycin 40mg Injection infusion effects?

  • Symptoms of Mitomycin C Injection
  • Iron deficiency (low number of red platelets)
  • Diminished white platelet count.
  • expanded drainage inclination.
  • loss of craving.”
  • queasiness.
  • the sensation of distress.
  • Low blood platelet
  • weight reduction.

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Is Mitomycin 40mg Injection a chemotherapy drug?

Mitomycin is a chemotherapy drug used to treat various diseases, including breast, bladder, stomach, pancreatic, butt-centric, and cellular breakdowns in the lungs. This data is about mitomycin surrendered to a vein. We have other data about mitomycin and 5FU when it is given alongside radiotherapy (called chemoradiation).

Does Mitomycin 40mg Injection make you debilitated?

They include a hypersensitive response that can cause a rash, wind, redness or enlarge of the face, and dazedness. mouth wounds and ulcers. loose bowels.

Does Mitomycin 40mg Injection influence invulnerable framework?

Mitomycin can likewise debilitate (stifle) your safe framework, and you might get contamination all the more without any problem. Call your PCP assuming that you have indications of disease (fever, shortcoming, cold or influenza side effects, skin injuries, continuous or repeating ailment).

Does Mitomycin cause go bald?

Mitomycin once in a while causes a transitory loss of hair. After treatment has finished, ordinary hair development ought to return. After you quit utilizing this medication, it might in any case create a few side outcomes that need consideration.

Does mitomycin cause weight gain?

Mitomycin can harm red platelets, which might cause irreversible kidney disappointment. Tell your primary care physician immediately in the event that you have surprising swelling or dying, fair skin, disarray, sleepiness or crabbiness, stomach torment, ridiculous looseness of the bowels, red or pink pee, enlarging, quick weight gain, and practically zero peeing.

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