Milk of Magnesia 11.25 15ml CREMOPEN LAXATIVE



Manufacturer: Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Presentation: syrup


What function does Milk of Magnesia 11.25 15ml serve?

Milk of Magnesia 11.25 15ml A combination drug used to treat constipation is called Cremopen Plus Syrup. This medication retains water and fat, which softens the stools. Additionally, it facilitates stoma and gastric transit, which lessens stomach discomfort.

How should a Milk of Magnesia 11.25 15ml be taken?

Guidelines for Use
You can consume 170 ml of Cremopen Syrup with or without food. Use the measuring cup to ingest the recommended dose/amount of Cremopen Syrup, which is 170 ml. Prior to every use, give the jug a decent shake. Your doctor will choose the dosage and administration time for Cremopen Syrup 170 ml based on your condition.

The laxative known as liquid paraffin?

A combination of liquid hydrocarbons makes up liquid paraffin. Its primary use has been as a lubricating laxative, however because of its negative consequences, it is not advised. However, it is still employed for this purpose and is said to be equally effective to lactulose [1].

Should I take Cremaffin Plus every day?

  • Avoid taking the medication right before bed.
  • Don’t take it for longer than necessary.
  • You should see a doctor if your symptoms don’t go away, if you need to use it every day, or if you have persistent stomach pain.

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What does “laxative effect” mean?

The digestive system walls are stimulated by these stimulant laxatives, hastening bowel movements. They often start working within 6 to 12 hours. Laxatives that soften stools: These lessen the surface tension of stools, allowing them to absorb more water and softening them. Usually they are productive for 12 to 72 hours.

How should laxative syrup be used?

A full glass (8 ounces) or more of cold water or fruit juice should be consumed with each dose. This will give the laxative adequate liquid to function as intended. For the best results and to prevent side effects, it is frequently advised to follow each dose with a second glass of water or juice on its own.

What negative consequences does Cremaffin Plus have?

Diarrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal cramping, and abdominal discomfort are side effects of Cremaffin Plus.

How are liquid paraffin suspension and milk of magnesia taken?

With or without food, you can take LIQUID PARAFFIN+MILK OF MAGNESIA. Use the measuring cup included in the pack to dispense the recommended dose or quantity of LIQUID PARAFFIN+MILK OF MAGNESIA, and shake the bottle thoroughly before each use.

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