Meropenem Injection 500mg Tranep


Trade Name:Tranep

Manufacturer:Biological E Ltd

Presentation: Injection


What’s the use of Meropenem Injection 500 mg?

500 mg of Meropenem Injection To treat serious infections of the skin, lungs, stomach, urinary tract, blood, and brain, an antibiotic administered through injection is employed (eg. meningitis).It gets rid of the germs that cause these problems.. A viral infection, however, will not be treated by it.

How soon does meropenem begin to function?

Meningitis takes 7 to 10 days. Following influenza type B illness, pneumoniae infection occurs 10–14 days later.

What is the duration of meropenem?

Meropenem kept the molecules 90 percent intact after 7.4 hours at 22°C, and after 20 hours, only 71.2 percent of the initial concentration was left. For 5.7 hours at 33°C, meropenem kept 90 percent of the complete molecule intact, and after 20 hours, 61.4 percent of the initial concentration was still present.

What are the negative effects of 500mg Meropenem Injection Tranep injection?

  • Side effects from meropenem injection are possible.
  • If any of the following symptoms are severe or persistent
  • including headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhoea, or constipation, contact your doctor.
  • At the injection site, there may be redness
  • swelling
  • discomfort, or pain.
  • feeling of pricking or tingling.

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Does Meropenem Injection give you the munchies?

Convulsions; a seizure; sores or white spots in your mouth or throat (yeast infection or “thrush”); intense tingling or numbness; or a low level of RBCs (anemia) —pale skin, unusual fatigue, dizziness or shortness of breath, and icy hands and feet.

How long does it take you to get rid of Meropenem Injection from your system?

In individuals with normal renal function, meropenem is eliminated in half after an hour. Over a period of 12 hours, over 70% of the prescribed dose can be detected unaltered in the urine before there is a negligible urinary excretion.

Meropenem Injection is able to cure UTI:

Serious bacterial urinary tract infections, particularly kidney infections, are treated with the injection of meropenem and vaborbactam. Meropenem belongs to the group of drugs known as carbapenem antibiotics. It eliminates bacteria to operate.

Meropenem and the kidneys:

Meropenem has a stellar safety record and is safe to use in older people or those who have kidney impairment.

Meropenem has an overdose potential:

Though unintentional overdosing may happen if high doses of MERREM IV are administered to patients with impaired renal function, intentional overdosing is uncommon. In clinical trials, 2 grammes of meropenem were given intravenously every 8 hours as the highest dose.

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