Mecofine Plus Mecobalamine Injection


Trade Name: Mecofine Plus

Manufacturer: E.G Pharmaceutical

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 1000mcg

Introduction of Mecobalamine 1000mcg Injection

Mecobalamine 1000mcg The proper operation of the nervous system and the brain depends on injection. It aids in the management of diabetic patients’ nerve damage-related pain. Injection usage boosts overall health and quality of life.

Benefit of Mecofine Plus Mecobalamine 1000mcg Injection

Strong antioxidant qualities of alpha-lipoic acid may lower heart disease risk factors, improve healthy nerve function, prevent the advancement of memory loss problems, and minimise inflammation and skin ageing.

Contains Mecofol Plus any vitamins?

  • A vitamin and nutritional supplement is the Mecofine-Plus NF Capsule.
  • Diabetic neuropathy,
  • A form of nerve damage brought on by diabetes is treated with it (high blood sugar levels).

What is injection of methylcobalamin?

A synthetic version of vitamin B12 is methylcobal injection. It is used to correct a vitamin B12 shortage in the body. Growth, cell division, blood creation, and the synthesis of proteins and tissues all depend on vitamin B12. Additionally, it aids in the treatment of anaemia, weariness, and tingling or numbness in the hands and feet.

What purpose does a tablet of methylcobalamin serve?

A lack of vitamin B12 is treated with methylcobalamin. The brain, nerves, and red blood cell formation all benefit from vitamin B12. People with pernicious anaemia, diabetes, and other diseases may occasionally utilize methylcobalamin.

Methylcobalamin B12 Is it secure?

Mecobalamine 1000mcg are reportedly thought to be probably safe when taken as directed, according to the Natural Medicines Database. However, taking the appropriate dosage of injectable methylcobalamin is strongly advised due to the hazards connected to larger doses of vitamin B12.

Is methylcobalamin safe to consume at night?

B-12 supplementation before bed

As there is no clinical evidence proving a meaningful difference between taking vitamin B-12 in the morning or at night, there is no recommended time of day when you should take vitamin B-12 supplements.

Can we regularly take methylcobalamin?

Dosage. The suggested dose of methylcobalamin or 5-adenosylcobalamin is 1500 mcg daily or 500 mcg three times a day for the optimum bioavailability and absorption.

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