Levetiracetam USP 1000mg LEVETAFINE 1000

Trade Name:–Levetiracetam USP 1000mg

Manufacturer: –

Prahem Laboratories



What is the inspiration driving Levetiracetam USP 1000mg?

Levetiracetam USP 1000mg is used both alone and in the blend in with various meds to treat mostly starting seizures (seizures that impact simply a piece of the frontal cortex) in adults, youngsters, and newborn children more prepared than one month.

What effects on the body does Levetiracetam USP 1000mg?

In the treatment of epilepsy, levetiracetam is used either alone or blended in with various drugs to help with controlling express sorts of seizures (like midway seizures, myoclonic seizures, or tonic-clonic seizures). However lengthy you use the medication, it will simply reduce seizures; it can’t treat epilepsy.

What negative effects does the prescription levetiracetam have?

  • Dazedness.
  • Cerebral agony.
  • Irritability.
  • loss of energy and strength.
  • Shifts in demeanor and course.
  • Sluggishness.

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Is it probably true that you are languid directly following using levetiracetam?

It’s achievable to feel weak, lazy, or shockingly drained. As your body becomes used to the medicine, these coincidental impacts often become less progressive after the underlying a month. Enlighten your essential consideration doctor or medication expert right once accepting any of these coincidental impacts proceed or fall apart.

Is mental deterioration a side effect of levetiracetam?

Lethargy, asthenia, pollution, wooziness, and temperamental step are the most consistent serious hostile effects of levetiracetam. Thinking irregularities, memory issues, disquiet, trouble, disruption, unsteadiness, and paresthesias are a piece of the less ordinary unpleasant effects.

While using levetiracetam, what food assortments could it be smart for me to avoid?

food levETIRAcetam
LevETIRAcetam’s adversarial ramifications for the neurological system, including confounding, languor, and difficulties in concentrating, might be exacerbated by alcohol. Also, a psychological and basic inability may be proficient by specific individuals.

Is levetiracetam a safeguarded medicine?

The prosperity and tolerability of levetiracetam are being outlined. So far, it seems to have a fair security record among frail get-togethers like youngsters, the more established, and people with liver disorders.

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