Irinotecan Injection 100mg Irinotel

Trade Name: Irinotel

Manufacturer: Fresenius Kabi India Pvt Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 100mg

What is Irinotecan Injection 100mg used to treat?

Irinotecan Injection 100mg is a chemotherapeutic drug. Campto is another brand name for it. It’s a treatment for cancer that began in the intestine (bowel cancer). The colon and the rear passage are included in this (rectum).

How is Irinotel Injection 100mg given?

This drug is administered through a vein infusion (intravenously, IV). This medication is not available in pill form. Irinotel irritates the body. An irritant is a substance that can irritate the vein through which it is administered.

Does Irinotel cause hair loss?

Irinotel is known to cause hair loss. This normally happens 3–4 weeks after the first dose, but it can happen sooner. It’s possible that your hair will fall out altogether. Eyelashes, eyebrows, and other body hair may also thin and fall out.

Is Irinotel successful?

Researchers found that individuals with metastatic colorectal cancer who got Irinotel had a 40% greater overall survival rate at one year than those who received best-estimated 5-FU regimens (45 percent vs 32 percent ).

What are the side effects of Irinotel?

The drug Irinotel has the potential to cause side effects. Contact your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away:

swelling and mouth sores are some of the symptoms.
an inability to eat
Chemotherapy causes hair loss and weight loss, which are two of the most common side effects.

Why is atropine given before Irinotel?

Preventing acute cholinergic syndrome with subcutaneous atropine 250mcg given before Irinotel. If cholinergic symptoms develop, a second subcutaneous dose of 250mcg may be given.

What is Irinotel toxicity?

Unfortunately, Irinotel treatment is frequently linked with serious side effects, including neutropenia and diarrhoea. The inadequate deactivation (glucuronidation) of the Irinotel active metabolite SN-38 by the UGT1A enzyme is responsible for the majority of the hazardous manifestations.

How many cycles of Irinotel can you have?

You may have up to 12 cycles, each lasting up to 6 months, depending on your needs. Irinotel is injected into your circulation via a drip over 30 to 90 minutes (depending on which cycle you are having).

How is Irinotel predominantly cleared?

Despite the fact that Irinotel is primarily removed by the liver, dose reduction may be necessary for patients with severe renal failure.

How long is Irinotel infusion?

It is administered as an intravenous infusion over a 30- to 90-minute period every three weeks at a dose of 350 mg/m2 (see sections 4.4 and 6.6).

Can Irinotecan 100mg be given orally?

Irinotel (also known as Camptosar®) is a cancer-fighting drug. It’s offered as a clear to light yellow liquid that’s injected into a vein and as a clear liquid that’s swallowed. It can be harmful to carers’ health. While administering this medication, all caregivers should use caution. To know more click here.

What is the half-life of Irinotel?

The mean maximum Irinotel plasma concentrations after intravenous injection of 100 to 350 mg/m2 are in the 1 to 10 mg/L range. A 2- or 3-compartment model with a mean terminal half-life ranging from 5 to 27 hours can be used to characterize plasma concentrations.

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