Imipenem Injection 500mg Cilaxter

Trade Name:Cilaxter

Manufacturer: Alkem Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 500 mg

Could I at any point take Imipenem Injection 500mg Cilaxter during pregnancy?

The parts of Imipenem Injection 500mg Cilaxter infusion can be unsafe during pregnancy. It ought to possibly be taken during pregnancy assuming no different options are accessible and the potential advantage offsets the related gamble.

Might I at any point take Cilaxter 500mg Inj while breastfeeding?

The parts of this infusion pass into bosom milk in limited quantities. Save a watch for the side effects of contagious disease of the mouth and loose bowels in your child.

Could I at any point drive assuming I have consumed Cilaxter 500mg Inj?

You might feel unsteady and tired in the wake of taking this infusion. Hence, it is exhorted not to drive or work machines.

what is the Symptoms of Imipenem Injection 500mg Cilaxter?

  • Sickness
  • loose bowels
  • retching and stomach inconveniences
  • Low circulatory strain,
  • fever
  • fits
  • dazedness and tiredness
  • Tingling, rashes and skin sensitivities

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Might I at any point polish off liquor with Imipenem Injection 500mg Cilaxter?

It is exhorted not to polish off liquor when you have taken this infusion. This medication and liquor can cause unfavorable impacts like unsteadiness, sleepiness, and stomach upset.

How Can It Function?

Imipenem works by killing the microorganisms liable for contamination by intruding on the development of cell walls. Cilastatin helps imipenem work all the more actually by forestalling its digestion by compounds in the kidneys and keeping up with its ideal levels to battle against contaminations.

What is anti-infection related loose bowels? Does it happen with Imipenem Injection 500mg Cilaxter?

Anti-toxin related the runs alludes to passing free, watery, and hesitate stools at least three times each day subsequent to taking anti-infection agents. Indeed, it happens with every single solid anti-microbial and with Cilaxter 500mg Inj as well. It happens because of a bacterial lopsidedness in the digestive tract because of anti-toxin treatment.

Is there something else I want to be aware prior to taking Imipenem Injection 500mg Cilaxter?

A kidney capability test, liver capability test, and blood picture evaluation should be done regularly while on treatment with Cilaxter 500mg Inj. Kidney capability should be tried prior to beginning treatment. The most extreme measurements in a day shouldn’t surpass 4 g and this medication ought not be utilized in youngsters weighing under 30 kg.

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