Imipenem And Cilastatin Injection 500mg Sekur 500


Trade Name:Sekur 500

Manufacturer:Biological E Ltd

Presentation: Injection


How long is Imipenem And Cilastatin Injection safe to take?

Imipenem And Cilastatin Injection are often used for as long as necessary until your infection has healed up or you have gone 48 hours without experiencing any symptoms. Use this medication for the entire recommended period of time, even if your symptoms disappear fast.

Ipenem cilastatin is delivered in what way?

Give 500 mg intravenously during a 20- to 30-minute period. Give 1000 mg intravenously during a 40- to 60-minute period. The pace of infusion may be slowed in cases where patients experience nausea during the procedure.

What conditions does imipenem treat?

Infections brought on by bacteria are treated using the combination of imipenem and cilastatin. It functions by eradicating bacteria or stopping their growth. Colds, the flu, or other viral diseases cannot be treated with this medication.

Those who shouldn’t use Imipenem And Cilastatin Injection?

  • IMIPENEM-CILASTATIN SODIUM shouldn’t be taken by whom?
  • diarrhoea brought on by a Clostridium difficile infection.
  • a low threshold for seizures.
  • seizures.
  • stage 2 of chronic renal disease (mild)
  • stage 3A of chronic renal disease (moderate)
  • stage 3B of chronic renal disease (moderate)
  • stage 4 of chronic renal disease (severe)

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Which germs is Imipenem And Cilastatin Injection effective against?

The subclass of carbapenems includes imipenem, a beta-lactam antibiotic. Including Pseudomonas aeruginosa and the Enterococcus, imipenem is effective against both aerobic and anaerobic Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. By stopping the creation of cell walls, it has a bactericidal effect.

Is Imipenem And Cilastatin Injection an antibiotic of what kind?

Abstract. Imipenem, the first drug in a new class of antibiotics called carbapenems, exhibits powerful efficacy against the majority of clinically significant bacterial species, including isolates that are resistant to existing antibiotics.

Is Imipenem And Cilastatin Injection a type of antibiotic?

Ipenem possesses a -hydroxyethyl side chain in contrast to penicillins and cephalosporins, which have a side aminoacyl group attached to the beta-lactam ring.

Can I give myself imipenem at home?

This medication won’t be kept at home; it will typically be administered in a hospital or clinic. Rarely, this medication may be administered at home. You will be given instructions on how to store this medication if you plan to use it at home.

Can you give oral imipenem?

dispersion and absorption. Imipenem cannot be absorbed orally. Following numerous doses of cilastatin, there has been no observed buildup of imipenem. Both cilastatin and imipenem are broadly dispersed in a variety of tissues and fluids.

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