Imatinib Capsule 400mg Imatinate

Trade Name: Imatinate

Manufacturer: KLAB

Presentation: Capsule

Strength: 400mg

What is the purpose of Imatinib Capsule 400mg?

Imatinib Capsule 400mg mesylate is licensed to treat Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia in adults and children. It’s used to treat recurring (refractory) sickness in adults (does not respond to treatment)

What is the best way to take imatinib 400?

Use Instructions
Imatib 400 Tablet 10’s can be taken with or without food, or as advised by your doctor. With a glass of water, take the entire tablet. Crushing, chewing, or breaking it is not advised. Take it with a full glass of water and food to avoid nausea.

What are the adverse effects of imatinib capsules 400 mg imatinib?

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • headache
  • muscular/joint discomfort
  • muscle cramps
  • dizziness
  • blurred vision
  • or drowsiness is all possible side effects.

Is it possible to quit taking Imatinib Capsule 400mg at some point?

In individuals with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) who have had the undetectable minimum residual disease (UMRD) for at least two years, it is safe to stop taking imatinib (IM). The Stop Imatinib (STIM1) study’s final results and long-term follow-up are presented.

When should you take Imatinib Capsule 400mg and when should you not?

Once or twice a day, it should be taken with a meal and a full glass of water. Every day, around the same time(s), take imatinib. If you have any questions, consult your physician or a pharmacist. Imatinib should be taken exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

Is it possible for imatinib to stop working?

To see if your blood counts improve, your doctor may reduce your imatinib dose. Imatinib appears to stop effective in certain patients over time. Imatinib resistance is the term for this. Changes in the genes of CML cells appear to be the source of imatinib resistance.

What happens if I don’t take imatinib anymore?

Stopping Imatinib in CML: An Update
After discontinuing imatinib for CML, 61 percent of patients eliminated undetectable minimal residual disease after a median of 2.5 months; no recurrences occurred after 22 months.

Imatinib Capsule 400mg is used to treat a variety of malignancies.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia, gastrointestinal stromal tumors, and myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative disorders are among the cancers treated with this drug. It works by delaying or stopping the multiplication of cancer cells.

If any of these symptoms persist or worsen, notify your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible. It is possible that people using this drug will experience major negative effects.

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