Gros Paclitaxel 100mg Injection

Trade Name: Gros

Manufacturer:Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 100mg

What exactly is the purpose of the Paclitaxel 100mg Injection?

Paclitaxel 100mg Injection Breast cancer, ovarian cancer (cancer that develops in the female reproductive organs where eggs are generated), and non-small cell lung cancer are all treated with paclitaxel (with polyoxyethylated castor oil) (NSCLC).

Is paclitaxel given as a shot?

The injection of paclitaxel is used to treat advanced ovarian cancer, breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and Kaposi sarcoma. Kaposi sarcoma is a skin and mucous membrane cancer that is frequently observed in people who have acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

How effective is Paclitaxel 100mg Injection?

Many of the participants in these studies had previously undergone chemotherapy. Nonetheless, single-agent therapy with weekly paclitaxel has obtained response rates of up to 86 percent, combination therapy has achieved response rates of up to 87 percent, and radiation has achieved response rates of up to 100 percent.

How do you feel now that you’ve had paclitaxel?

A mild allergic reaction to paclitaxel may occur during or shortly after treatment. Irritation, a rash, or a flushed face are all possible outcomes. A severe allergic reaction is quite uncommon. Symptoms include shortness of breath, swelling of the cheeks and lips, and disorientation.

What are the Paclitaxel 100mg Injection side effects?

  • Paclitaxel has a lot of negative effects.
  • Infection danger. The number of white blood cells in your blood can be
  • reduced with this treatment.
  • Bruising and bleeding are common. The number of platelets in your blood
  • can be reduced with this treatment.
  • Anemia occurs when the body’s red blood cell count is unusually low.
  • I’m feeling a little nauseous right now. diarrhea,
  • Hair thinning. Hair loss
  • Mouth and throat ache…
  • I’m exhausted.

Is it true that Paclitaxel 100mg Injection causes hair loss?

Paclitaxel is a drug that induces hair loss. The majority of patients will lose their entire heads of hair, including brows, eyelashes, and body hair. Hair loss usually starts two weeks after the first treatment, but it might start sooner.

What is the duration of Paclitaxel 100mg Injection presence in the body?

The chemotherapy remains in the body for 2 to 3 days after treatment, but patients may develop short- and long-term side effects. Although not all patients may suffer all of the negative effects, many wills.

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