Gefitinib 250 mg Tablet Geftib

Trade Name: Geftib

Manufacturer: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 250mg

Geftib Gefitinib 250 mg Tablet is used for?

The Gefitinib 250 mg is used in the treatment of non-little cell breakdown in the lungs. It is used in patients in which it has spread to various bits of the body, who have surprising epidermal advancement factor receptor (EGFR) characteristics, and who have not had past treatment for threatening development.

How is Geftib Gefitinib 250 mg Tablet used?

Gefitinib Tablets can be taken with or without food, but it is best to have them at the same time every day for better results. You should continue to acknowledge it as long as your essential consideration doctor admonishes you to. The length of treatment changes according to your need and response to treatment. You should take it exactly as your primary care doctor has advised. Confusion or taking an unreasonable measure can result in extraordinary coincidental effects. It may require a short time or months so that you might see or feel the benefits yet don’t stop taking it with the exception of if your essential consideration doctor encourages you to.

When do I take gefitinib 250 mg?

Geftinat 250mg Tablet helps treat non-little cell cellular breakdown in the lungs that are privately cutting-edge or have spread to different spaces of the body. Take it with or without food, ideally simultaneously every day. Try not to take acid neutralizers (to diminish the corrosive level of your stomach) 2 hours prior to or 1 hour subsequent to taking this medication.

How long can you take gefitinib?

“The patients taking gefitinib lived around 10 months longer without repeat than patients who got chemotherapy, and patients can take [gefitinib] for just about 2 years and endure it quite well,” Wu told HemOnc Today.

Does gefitinib cause itching?

Dry skin is ordinarily seen in patients getting treatment with EGFR inhibitors; vaginal dryness and tingling, perineal dryness, and blepharitis have been accounted for.

Common side effects of Gefitinib 250 mg Tablet:

Squeamishness, rash, heaving, and weight loss are the most commonly reported side effects of this medication. It may cause runs, so drink a lot of fluids or talk with your essential doctor if it inconveniences you. It makes you sensitive to light, so wear protective clothing or use sunscreen when going out. you have ulceration in your mouth, changes in your vision, or breathing difficulties, then it is more intelligent to prompt the subject matter expert. Your PCP may instruct you to do a standard check regarding your liver limit while you are taking this prescription.

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