Filgrastim 300 mcg Injection Emgrast

Trade Name: Emgrast

Manufacturer:Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 300mg

What is the best way to inject a filgrastim 300 mcg injection?

filgrastim 300 mcg injection is commonly injected into the tissue just beneath the skin or into a vein on a daily basis. The first dose is usually given at least 24 hours following the chemotherapy or bone marrow transplant. Refrigerate it, keep it out of direct sunlight, and don’t shake it.

What is filgrastim 300 mcg injection and how does it work?

filgrastim 300 mcg injection is used to treat neutropenia (a low number of white blood cells) caused by cancer drugs.It’s a manufactured (man-made) rendition of an atom called a settlement animating variable, which is normally made in your body. Filgrastim aids in the production of new white blood cells in the bone marrow.

What is the best place to inject filgrastim 300 mcg injection?

The filgrastim should be administered once a day, at roughly the same time each day, under the skin (subcutaneously): 1) Remove the syringe you plan to use for that day from the fridge 30 minutes before injecting to reduce any discomfort. 2) Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

What are filgrastim’s side effects?

  • In the area where the drug was injected, you may notice redness,
  • swelling, bruising, itching, or a lump.
  • Bone agony
  • arm, leg, mouth, throat, or muscle discomfort are all examples of bone,
  • joint, and muscle pain.
  • headache. \srash. \sconstipation. \sdiarrhea. \snausea.
  • vomiting.

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What is the best time to take filgrastim?

Start taking the drug at least 24 hours after your chemotherapy has finished. However, do not take it within 24 hours of starting another chemotherapy treatment. Allow 30 minutes for the drug to come to room temperature before injecting it.

How long does filgrastim take to wear off?

Neulasta is a long-lasting drug; peak levels are reached 24 hours after injection, levels drop dramatically over the next 7 days, and just a small quantity remains in the body after 14 days.

When is filgrastim not recommended?

Because of the theoretical potential for enhancing chemotherapy toxicity to myeloid progenitor cells following growth factor stimulation, using filgrastim or pegfilgrastim within 24 hours before or after chemotherapy is not currently suggested.

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