Erythromycin 500mg tablet Erycin

Trade Name: Erycin 500

Manufacturer: Cipla

Salt: Erythromycin 500mg

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 500mg

What is the work of the Erythromycin 500mg tablet?

An erythromycin 500mg tablet is a type of antibiotic. It’s generally used to treat chest infections like pneumonia, skin issues like skin breakouts and rosacea, dental abscesses, and physically transmitted infections. Erycin is frequently used in youngsters to treat ear infections or chest infections.

What is the Erycin tablet used for?

Erycin tablets are prescribed to treat a variety of bacterial illnesses. It could also be used to prevent certain bacterial infections. Erycin is known as a macrolide antibiotic. It acts by preventing microscopic organisms from growing.

What are erythromycin tablets used for?

An erythromycin 500mg tablet is a type of antibiotic. It’s widely used to treat chest diseases like pneumonia, skin issues like acne and rosacea, dental abscesses, and physically communicated contamination. Erycin is commonly used in children to treat ear infections or chest infections.

How many days should I take erythromycin 500 mg?

For something like seven days, you take 500 mg of erythromycin by mouth four times a day, while the 333 mg tablets are orally taken like clockwork.

What are the side effects of Erythromycin 500mg tablet?

Sickness, heaving, runs, stomach torment/squeezing, and loss of cravings might happen. Taking this drug with food might reduce these indications. If any of these impacts endure or decline, tell your PCP or drug specialist quickly.

How long does erythromycin stay in the body?

The end half-life is around 2 hours. Portions might be regulated 2, 3, or 4 times each day. Erythromycin is less vulnerable than erycin to the unfavorable impact of gastric corrosive. It is ingested by the small digestive tract.

Why must erythromycin be taken on an empty stomach?

Food diminishes the degree of erythromycin in your body. Take Erycin on a vacant stomach no less than 30 minutes prior to or 2 hours after dinner. This will make it simpler for your body to assimilate the prescription.

Can I take erythromycin for five days?

A course of treatment for a present-moment (intense) disease frequently lasts around 5–14 days. In fact, if you’re taking erythromycin for chronic prostatitis, skin breakouts, or rosacea, your treatment may last for months.

When taking antibiotics, should you drink a lot of water?

The anti-microbial bearings frequently advise you to take each portion with water and to avoid consuming dairy products and organic product juices. These items can interact with anti-infection agents and influence how your body assimilates them.

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