Epirubicin 50mg Injection Adnexa

Trade Name: Adnexa

Manufacturer: Biocon

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 50mg

What is Epirubicin 50mg Injection Adnexa?

Epirubicin 50mg is a prescription medication. Injections are used in the treatment of a variety of cancers, including those of the blood, breast, stomach, lung, ovaries, and delicate tissues, among others. It also aids in the prevention of the recurrence of bladder malignancy following surgical intervention.

How Epirubicin 50mg Injection Adnexa is used?

It is administered by a certified clinical expert as a dribble or a mixture vein with extreme vigilance and caution. It is frequently used alone, or it is occasionally combined with other drugs as part of a chemotherapy regimen known as combination chemotherapy. Your primary care physician (PCP) will determine which portion is necessary and how frequently you must take it. This will vary depending on the condition for which you are being treated and may change from time to time. Your primary care physician’s directions should be followed in the letter. It is possible to experience severe incidental effects if you misinterpret it or take too much of it. Seeing or feeling the benefits may take several weeks to several months, so don’t stop taking it unless your primary care physician instructs you to do so first. Due to the fact that prophylactic pills are no longer effective, it is recommended that both males and females use solid contraception while undergoing treatment.

Common Side effects of Epirubicin 50mg Injection:

Aside from nausea and vomiting, the most well-known side effects of this medication are low blood platelets, balding, irregular periods (including missed periods), fever, and rash. It has been shown to decrease the number of platelets in your blood, thereby increasing your vulnerability to infection and disease. Diseases can be extremely dangerous from time to time. During treatment with this medication, standard blood tests are required to screen your platelets, as well as kidney, liver, and heart function tests, among other things. For more details Click Here.

Uses of Epirubicin:

In patients with breast cancer who have undergone surgery to remove the tumor, epirubicin is used in conjunction with other medications in order to treat the disease. Epirubicin is a medication that belongs to a class of medications known as anthracyclines. It works by slowing or halting the growth of cancer cells in your body, according to the manufacturer.

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