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What is the purpose of the Endotracheal Tube?

Endotracheal Tube, in its most basic form, is a polyvinyl chloride tube inserted through the trachea and between the vocal cords. It serves to nourish the lungs with oxygen and other inhaled gases while shielding them from contaminants like stomach juices or blood.

What kind of Endotracheal Tube is that?

Oral or nasal, cuffed or uncuffed, prefabricated (like the RAE (Ring, Adair, and Elwyn) tube), reinforced tubes, and double-lumen endobronchial tubes are some of the several types of endotrachealstubes. Tubes for human usage have an interior diameter that ranges from 2 to 10.5 mm (ID).

Who requires a tracheal tube?

  • When a patient is unable to breathe on their own, an endotracheals tubes is inserted.
  • In order to “relax” and sedate a very unwell patient, it is necessary.
  • Protecting someone’s airway is necessary (i.e., there is an obstruction or risk of one)

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Is intubation the same as using an endotracheal tube?

An artificial airway is one such as an endotracheal tubes. Another type of artificial airway is a tracheostomy. The definition of intubation is “to introduce a tube.” Typically, the term “intubation” refers to the placement of an endotracheal tubes.

How much time may an endotracheal tube be left in?

The idea that the risk ratio (laryngeal risk vs. surgical tracheostomy risk) was too high if the ETT was left much longer than a month led to the 3-week time limit for translaryngeal intubation in critically ill patients.

How many different kinds of ET exist?

Endotracheal tubes cuffs typically come in two varieties: high volume, low pressure cuffs, and low volume, high pressure cuffs.

What are the two distinct intubation methods?

Different Types of Intubation and Their Use

There are two types of intubation: nasotracheal intubation and endotracheal intubation, in which the tube is introduced through the mouth (in which the tube is put in through the nose)

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