Docetero Docetaxel 80mg Injection

Trade Name: Docetero

Manufacturer: Hetero

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 80mg


Is docetaxel 80 mg inj powerful chemotherapy?

docetaxel 80 mg inj the main component, and is a powerful chemotherapy medicine with an extensive list of side effects. The majority of these are common side effects of this class of medications, such as nausea, vomiting, and transient baldness (hair loss).

How long does docetaxel last? Will I start to feel better:

During your treatment, you may become exceedingly exhausted. This weariness can linger for weeks or even months after the treatment has ended for some people. There are several things that can help you feel less tired, and your treatment team may be able to assist you. Learn more about weariness here.

What are the docetaxel dosages?

Strengths And Dosage Forms
TAXONOMY (docetaxel) Injection 20 mg/1 mL: 20 mg docetaxel in 1 mL of polysorbate 80/dehydrated alcohol in a 50/50 (v/v) ratio. TAXONOMY (docetaxel) Injection 80 mg/4 mL: 80 mg docetaxel in 4 mL polysorbate 80/dehydrated alcohol in a 50/50 (v/v) ratio.

What are the adverse effects of docetaxel 80mg injection?

  • Taxotere’s most common side effects
  • Breathlessness.
  • Constipation.
  • Infection causing edoema (swelling).
  • Appetite loss is common.
  • Muscle ache.
  • Nail problems.
  • Pain.

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What is the docetaxel injection procedure?

Docetaxel injection is used to treat advanced or metastatic (spread) breast cancer in patients who have not responded to other treatments.

docetaxel 80 mg inj prolongs life for how long?

Patients with metastatic disease had a predicted survival of 0.89 years, while patients without the metastatic disease had a predicted survival of 0.78 years. Docetaxel also increased discounted QALYs for patients with metastatic disease by 0.51 years and for those without metastatic disease by 0.39 years.

What is the efficacy of docetaxel 80 mg inj?

In 129 evaluable patients, 100 mg/m2 docetaxel delivered over 1 hour every 3 weeks produced an overall response rate of 50% (range, 41 percent to 58 percent) with a median six-month duration (range, 2 to 17 months).

What is the target of the docetaxel 80 mg inj?

Docetaxel is cytotoxic to breast, colorectal, lung, ovarian, gastric, renal, and prostate cancer cells. Docetaxel does not hinder entry into the mitotic cycle by preventing interphase microtubule disintegration, but it does prevent mitosis by inhibiting mitotic spindle construction.

How many docetaxel 80 mg inj cycles can you have?

The frequencies of PN were 32 percent (maximum 10 cycles) and 41 percent (maximum 12 cycles) in a clinical trial of docetaxel for CRPC [17]. According to the findings of this study, the incidence of PN with docetaxel is higher in CRPC patients than in other cancer patients.

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