Daclatasvir Tablets 60mg Daclakem

Trade Name: Daclakem 60

Manufacturer: Alkem Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 60 mg

What are Daclatasvir Tablets 60mg Daclakem used for?

In this case, the antiviral medication Daclatasvir Tablets 60mg Daclakem is used to prevent the hepatitis C virus (HCV) from growing in your body. Chronic hepatitis C in adults is treated with Daclatasvir Tablets, which is used in conjunction with other drugs. Daclatasvir is a medication that treats specific genotypes of hepatitis C in just certain people who have the disease.

How do you take daclatasvir?

Daclatasvir is available as a tablet that must be swallowed. It is normally used once a day, with or without food, and it is not addictive. Daclatasvir must be used in conjunction with sofosbuvir for a period of 12 weeks at a time. Take daclatasvir at the same time every day at the same dose.

What are the common side effects of Daclatasvir Tablets 60mg Daclakem?

Common side effects include:
  • headache,
  • fatigue,
  • nausea,
  • diarrhea,
  • low levels of iron in the blood (anemia),
  • rash,
  • insomnia,
  • dizziness. and to know more click here.

What class of drug is daclatasvir?

Daclatasvir Tablets 60mg Daclakem is an antiviral medicine that belongs to a class of medications known as hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS5A inhibitors. In order for it to operate, it must prevent the virus that causes hepatitis C from spreading within the body. It is not known whether daclatasvir is effective in preventing the spread of hepatitis C to others.

Should Daclatasvir Tablets 60mg Daclakem be taken with food?

Use in the Proper Manner

A patient information sheet should be included with this medication. Read and adhere to the directions to the letter. If you have any questions, you should ask your doctor. Take this medicine with or without a meal

Patient treatment with SOF, with or without RBV, was approved by the FDA in July 2015 for patients with HCV genotype 3 and in February 2016 for patients with HCV genotypes 1a and 1b in combination with SOF, with or without RBV, for patients with HCV genotype 3.

Which Hepatitis is acute?

Acute hepatitis is the most commonly caused by the hepatitis A and B viruses. (mono). Sharing needles to inject drugs or having several sexual partners all raise the risk of getting infected with hepatitis when you have to do any of these things.

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