Cytax Paclitaxel 30mg Injection

Trade Name: Cytas

Manufacturer: Intas

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 30mg

Is Cytax Paclitaxel 30mg Injection given as a shot?

Cytax Paclitaxel 30mg Injection is administered as a vein injection or infusion (intravenous, IV). Paclitaxel causes irritation. An irritant is a substance that can irritate the vein through which it is administered. It is possible that the medicine will escape from the vein and cause tissue injury.

What is the purpose of Cytax ?

Paclitaxel (with polyoxyethylated castor oil) is used to treat breast cancer, ovarian cancer (cancer that starts in the female reproductive organs where eggs are created), and non-small cell lung cancer alone or in the mix with other chemotherapy drugs (NSCLC).

What are the Cytax Paclitaxel  30mg Injection side effects?

  • More widespread
  • Bleeding, blistering, burning,
  • freezing, skin discoloration,
  • pressure, hives, infection,
  • inflammation, itching, lumps,
  • numbness, pain, rash,
  • redness, scarring, soreness,
  • stinging, swelling, tenderness,
  • tingling, ulceration or warmth at the injection site are all possible side effects.
  • lips cracked

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How long can Cytax Paclitaxel 30mg Injection be taken?

Treatment cycles include paclitaxel and carboplatin chemotherapy. This suggests you’ll take the medication and afterward enjoy some time off to allow your body to recover. Each cycle lasts about three weeks (21 days). Depending on your cancer kind, you may have up to eight rounds, each lasting about six months.

Does paclitaxel make you gain weight?

Furthermore, paclitaxel-based chemotherapy has been linked to increased patient weight gain in breast and lung cancer studies. There is some indication that carboplatin coupled with paclitaxel can cause weight gain in ovarian cancer patients, notwithstanding the lack of systematic analysis to date.

When using paclitaxel, what should I keep an eye on?

Blood pressure and heart rate may be affected by this drug on rare occasions. During the infusion of this medicine, you should be continuously monitored for these changes. If you’re experiencing growing dizziness, headaches, or a fast/slow/irregular heartbeat, call your doctor right once.

What is the origin of paclitaxel?

Paclitaxel is a cancer medication made from the bark of the Pacific yew tree (Taxus brevifolia) that is used to treat breast, lung, and ovarian cancers, as well as Kaposi’s sarcoma.

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