Cytarabine Injection BP 500mg/5ml Cytalon

Trade Name: Cytalon

Manufacturer: Celon Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Injections

Strength: 1.500mg/5ml

What are the uses of Cytarabine Injection BP 500mg/5ml?

Injection of cytarabine The primary indications for BP (cytarabine) are the induction and maintenance of remission in both adult and paediatric acute leukaemia. Cytarabine Injection BP has been effective in treating erythroleukemia, acute lymphocytic leukaemia, chronic myelocytic leukaemia (blast phase), and acute myelocytic leukaemia.

What are the Useful special cautions and warnings of cytarabine?

Strong bone marrow suppressants include cytarabine. In individuals with pre-existing drug-induced bone marrow suppression, therapy should be initiated with caution. Patients receiving the medication should be closely monitored by medical personnel. Throughout induction, leucocyte and platelet counts must be taken often and every day. Blasts should be monitored in the bone marrow on a regular basis after they have stopped appearing in the peripheral circulation.

how is the Breast-Feeding of cytarabine?

Because it is unknown whether cytarabine or a metabolite of it gets into breast milk, breastfeeding mothers shouldn’t take it.

What are the effects on the capacity for driving and operating machinery?

  • There is no known impact on one’s capacity to drive or operate machinery.
  • However, chemotherapy patients can be less able to drive or operate machinery,
  • so they should be made aware of this risk and urged to steer clear of such duties if they are. To know more Click here

What are the side effects of Cytarabine Injection BP 500mg/5ml?

  1. Joint discomfort and myalgia are uncommon.
  2. Fever
  3. myalgia
  4. bone pain
  5. occasionally chest pain
  6. exanthema
  7. maculopapular rash
  8. conjunctivitis
  9. nausea and malaise are the symptoms of cytarabine syndrome (immunoallergic effect).
  10. Usually, it happens six to twelve hours following administration.

What’s in this brochure of this salt?

Several frequently asked issues concerning Cytarabine Injection BP are addressed in this pamphlet. Not all the information that is accessible is included. Talking to your doctor or pharmacist is still necessary.
Every drug has advantages and disadvantages. Your doctor has considered the potential advantages of Cytarabine Injection for you against the potential hazards.

What is the Procedure for Cytarabine Injection?

Cytarabine stops the development of cancer cells, ultimately leading to their demise. It is used to treat various cancers, notably blood cancers, either by itself or in conjunction with other medications (especially leukemia).

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