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Trade Name: Body Belt & Braces

What is the purpose of a Clavicle Brace?

Clavicle Brace Caduceus Brace: After a minor break or fracture, the brace keeps the area around the collarbone immobile so the bone may mend. To hold the shoulders back and maintain the stability of the clavicle, a figure-eight pattern wraps around the neck, shoulders, and both. The medium to XL has 3″ inch straps while the small has 2 inch straps.

How long should a Clavicle Brace be worn?

Kids may recover in 3 to 6 weeks. It might take adults up to 12 weeks.

Can a clavicles be splinted?

The middle of the clavicle’s shaft, roughly midway between the sternum and the AC joint, is where fractures most frequently occur. The most typical treatment for middle-shaft fractures is immobilisation using a sling or a specialised bandage called a figure-of-8 splint.

Which belt is employed in clavicles fracture treatment?

  • Use to properly align, immobilise, and stabilise clavicle fractures.
  • Use as a brace following surgery.

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Can I sleep while wearing a clavicle brace?

The sling should be worn all day, however it can be removed at night or for taking a bath. However, you might need to try it out because some people think that sleeping while wearing a sling is more comfortable. Take it easy on your body all day. While you’re recuperating, stay away from contact sports and physically demanding activities.

How can I strengthen the clavicle bone?

Want your strapless dresses to show off those collarbones? Here it is: Pull both shoulders up while maintaining a rigid posture, hold for at least 10 seconds, then push down as you let your shoulders return to their natural position. At least 20 times, repeat this practise.

How can I hasten the healing of my clavicle?

You might receive the following to hasten the healing:
a brace or splint to prevent movement of your shoulder.
a temporary arm sling that you might wear for a few days.
Aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen are examples of anti-inflammatory pain relievers that can aid with pain and swelling.
workouts for strengthening and range of motion.

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