Cinnarizine 20mg and Domperidone 15mg STUGICO-D TAB

Trade Name:– STUGICO-D TAB

Manufacturer: –Dr. Morepen Laboratories

Presentation:- Tablets

Strength:- 20/15mg

What are the purposes of the tablets of Cinnarizine 20mg and domperidone?

Vertigo is treated with domperidone and Cinnarizine 20mg. Two medications, Domperidone and Cinnarizine, are combined as Domperidone and Cinnarizine. Domperidone has prokinetic and antiemetic properties. It functions by preventing the brain’s release of dopamine, a chemical messenger that triggers nausea and vomiting.

What is the purpose of cinnarizine 15mg?

It treats: motion sickness (also called motion sickness). vertigo, tinnitus, and Ménière’s disease are examples of inner ear conditions that can produce nausea and dizziness.

What is the purpose of Domperidone?

A drug that prevents illness. It aids in preventing sickness or ill feelings (nausea or vomiting). If you’re receiving end-of-life care, it can also be used to alleviate stomach pain (palliative care).Domperidone is sometimes used to support milk creation.

What negative Cinnarizine 20mg does Domperidone have?

  • Ankle or foot swelling is a side effect.
  • unexpected exhaustion
  • Mental/emotional shifts (e.g., nervousness, irritability)
  • flashes of heat.
  • breast swell or discomfort
  • an extraordinary amount of breast milk leaks
  • modifications to menstrual cycles.
  • reduced sexual capacity.

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What Cinnarizine 20mg side effects are there?

  1. Feeling tired
  2. gaining weight, or having indigestion are typical adverse effects.
  3. Cinnarizine should be taken after eating to avoid upsetting your stomach.

How should I take Cinnarizine 20mg?

One tablet two hours prior to departure, and if necessary, one-half tablet every eight hours while travelling. for consumption. It is preferable to take Cinnarizine after meals. The tablets can be chewed, sucked, or completely downed with water.

Does Cinnarizine 20mg work well for headaches?

Conclusion. In patients with either vestibular migraine or migraine with brainstem aura coupled with vertigo, this study demonstrates that cinnarizine is safe and helpful in lowering both the headache and vertigo parts of “migraine with vertigo.”

Does Domperidone help with gas?

Domperidone increases the motility of the stomach and intestines, which facilitates the easy transit of food. Magaldrate functions by balancing too much stomach acid. Simethicone aids the evacuation of gas by flatus or belching by reducing the surface tension of gas bubbles (burping).

Does Domperidone lower blood pressure?

End: Domperidone increments pulse and pulse without prompting nighttime hypertension in apomorphine treated patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s illness. Expanded pulse by domperidone is another finding yet the clinical importance is muddled and requires further examination.

Is cinnarizine effective for vertigo?

Cinnarizine is used to address issues with balance and the inner ear, including illness and dizziness (nausea). It also aids in avoiding motion sickness while travelling. Your brain receives messages from the nerves inside your ear that contain information about your movements.

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