Cefexime Trihydrate 100mg CEFYDOC O FORTE SUSP




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What does Cefexime Trihydrate 100mg serve?

Cefexime Trihydrate 100mg USES: Cefixime is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. This medicine is an anti-toxin called a cephalosporin. It works by halting the growth of microorganisms. This anti-microbial only treats bacterial illnesses.

How should I give my baby Cefexime Trihydrate 100mg?

Children between the ages of six months and twelve years — Your child’s PCP will determine the dimensions for your child based on body weight. The dosage is commonly administered as one dose of 8 mg per kilogramme of body weight per day or divided into two doses of 4 mg/kg of body weight every 12 hours.

How do I combine CEFYDOC O FORTE IP?

  • Take this medication orally as directed by your doctor, usually once day, with or without food.
  • Children may also take this medication twice daily (every 12 hours).
  • Be sure to give the container a good shake before each serving.
  • Your condition and response to therapy will determine the measurement.

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Does cefixime provide cough relief?

Cefixime is used to treat bacterial infections in various body parts. It belongs to the group of medications known as cephalosporin antimicrobials. It works by eliminating bacteria or stopping their growth. However, this medication won’t help with the common cold, seasonal flu, or other viral infections.

Cefixime is used to treat what types of infections?

Cefixime is used to treat bacterial illnesses such gonorrhoea (a sexually transmitted disease), bronchitis (infection of the airways leading to the lungs), infections of the ears, throat, tonsils, and urinary system, among others.
Cefixime is a member of the cephalosporin antibiotics class of medications.
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Cefixime is used to treat fever?

On the other hand, cefixime has been shown to be clinically effective against typhoid fever. The likely mechanism of cefixime’s therapeutic effectiveness against typhoid fever was investigated using Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium rather than S. enterica serovar Typhi in both a cellular infection model and a mouse infection model.

Do you get the shakes when taking cefixime?

Unusual tiredness, recent signs of infection (such a fever and a lingering sore throat), fast bruising or bleeding, and a change in urine volume

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