Capecitabine tablets 500mg Capcel

Trade Name: Capcel 500

Manufacturer: Celon Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 500mg

What are Capecitabine tablets 500mg utilized for?

Capecitabine tablets 500mg is utilized to assist treat patients with Dukes’ C colon disease (colon malignant growth that has spread to lymph hubs in the space near the colon), subsequent to having a medical procedure. This medication is additionally used to treat metastatic colorectal disease (malignant growth of the colon or rectum that has spread to different pieces of the body).

Is capecitabine chemotherapy?

Capecitabine is a kind of chemotherapy. It is utilized as a therapy for various kinds of disease, including gut malignant growth. You could have capecitabine all alone or with other chemotherapy drugs. You could likewise have it with radiotherapy.

How great is capecitabine?

At 3 years, 82.8% of capecitabine patients were alive and liberated from repeat or second disease, contrasted and 73.9% of control patients. At 5 years, these rates were 74.1% and 67.6%.

what are the Capecitabine tablets 500mg secondary effects?

  • Secondary effects
  • Stomach or stomach torment.
  • loss of fingerprints.
  • deadness, agony, shivering, or other strange sensations in the centers of the hands or bottoms of the feet.
  • torment, rankling, stripping, redness, or expanding of the centers of the hands or bottoms of the feet.

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Will Capecitabine tablets 500mg contract growths?

Drugs utilized in chemotherapy, for example, capecitabine, work in various ways to stop the development of cancer cells, either by killing the cells, preventing them from separating, or preventing them from spreading. Radiation treatment utilizes high-energy x-beams to kill growth cells and therapist cancers.

What amount of time does chemo require to shrivel cancer?

As a rule, chemotherapy can take around 3 to a half years to finish. It might require pretty much investment, contingent upon the sort of chemo and the phase of your condition.

How long could you at any point be on Capecitabine tablets 500mg?

Suggested dosing regimens for mono-and mix treatment were 1,250 mg/m2 two times day to day for the span of 14 days, trailed by a treatment break of 7 days. The greatest treatment term per patient was 9 months selective of the subsequent period.

Do you lose your hair with capecitabine?

Going bald. When utilized all alone, capecitabine periodically causes some impermanent hair to diminish. It seldom causes total going bald. Assuming capecitabine is taken in blend with another chemotherapy drug, a great many people will lose all their hair including eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair.

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