Capecitabine 500mg Tablet Xecap

Trade Name: Xecap

Manufacturer: RPG Life Sciences Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 500mg

What is Capecitabine 500mg Tablet Xecap?

Capecitabine 500mg Tablet Xecap is utilized in the therapy of malignancy of bosom, colon, and rectum. It could also be used to treat a variety of ailments under the supervision of a physician. As part of chemotherapy, it is used alone or in combination with other drugs.

How Xecap Tablet?

Capecitabine 500mg Tablet Xecap should be taken with food within 30 minutes of finishing a meal. Your PCP will determine what percentage is necessary and how often you should take it. This will vary depending on why you’re being treated, and it may change over time. You should follow your primary care physician’s instructions to the letter. It can have severe side effects if you misinterpret it or take too much of it. You may not notice or feel the advantages for a few weeks or months, but don’t stop taking it until your doctor instructs you to.

Can capecitabine be used to treat cancer?

Capecitabine is effective for colorectal cancer and has been approved as a palliative treatment for advanced colorectal cancer as well as adjuvant chemotherapy; additionally, due to its lower frequency of side effects and ease of administration, capecitabine as a maintenance regimen may be more readily accepted by patients.

Common Side effects of Capecitabine 500mg Tablet:

  • The most widely recognized symptoms of this medication incorporate heaving
  • shortcoming
  • sicknesses
  • stomach agony
  • and looseness of the bowels.
  • This medication might diminish the number of platelets (decline white platelets) in your blood, accordingly, expanding the defenselessness to contaminations. Standard blood tests are required to examine your platelets, as well as your heart, liver, and blood uric corrosive levels.

Advise to take this medicine:

If you have liver or renal problems or are taking any drugs to treat ailments, tell your doctor before taking them. Many other medicines can affect or be affected by this medication, so be sure your PCP is aware of all medications you’re taking. This drug is not recommended for use during pregnancy or nursing. It is critical for both men and women to use effective contraception during therapy in order to avoid conception. Click Here for additional information. pregnancy. For more details Click Here.

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