Busulfan 60mg Injection Bucelon

Trade Name: Bucelon

Manufacturer: Celon Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 60mg

What is Busulfan 60mg Injection used for?

Busulfan 60mg Injection is an anti-cancer medication. It is a treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and myelodysplastic syndromes, which are blood malignancies (MDS). It could also be used as a preventative measure before a stem cell or bone marrow transplant.

What is the best way to dilute busulfan?

Prior to intravenous infusion, BUSULFEX must be diluted with either 0.9 percent Sodium Chloride Injection, USP (normal saline), or 5 percent Dextrose Injection, USP (D5W). The volume of diluent should be 10 times that of BUSULFEX, resulting in a final concentration of busulfan of about 0.5 mg per mL.

What are the potential negative effects of Busulfan 60mg Injection?

  • Consequences
  • Diarrhea, changes in taste, mouth sores, nosebleeds, fatigue, headache,
  • dizziness or difficulty sleeping are all possible side effects.
  • Rarely, temporary hair loss might occur.
  • Oxaliplatin can have an effect on how your nerves function (peripheral neuropathy). . For more details Click Here.

Is it true that busulfan causes hair loss?

With modest doses of busulfan, hair loss is uncommon. The hair on your head will fall out if you are receiving high-dose busulfan treatment. Eyelashes, brows, and other body hair may thin or fall out as well. It’s nearly always only temporary, and your hair will regrow once chemotherapy is completed.

What is the effect of busulfan on the lungs?

Busulfan can induce interstitial fibrosing lung disease (also known as “busulfan lung”), which affects about 6% of people. It starts slowly, with dyspnea and cough, and is frequently accompanied by skin discoloration. It usually happens after a long period of treatment (on average 41 months, cumulative dose 2900 mg).

Is there a link between busulfan and subsequent leukemia?

High doses used in bone marrow transplants can cause seizures. To avoid this, anti-seizure drugs are frequently utilized. Long-term usage of the medicine increases the risk of secondary cancers such as acute leukemia.

Busulfan is excreted in a variety of ways?

Over the course of 48 hours after receiving 14C-labeled busulfan, roughly 30% of the radioactivity was eliminated in the urine, with minimal levels recovered in the feces. Within 24 hours, less than 2% of the administered dose is eliminated unaltered in the urine.

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