Bortemib Bortezomib 2mg Injection

Trade Name: Bortemib

Manufacturer: Khandelwal Laboratories Pvt Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 2mg

What is the greatest measure of time you can take Bortemib Bortezomib 2mg Injection?

Bortemib Bortezomib 2mg Injection VELCADE is administered intravenously twice a week for two weeks, followed by a 10-day break. This cooperation ought to be conceivable up to various times.

Is Bortemib Bortezomib 2mg Injection a type of chemotherapy?

VELCADE (bortezomib) is a designated treatment, which is a sort of chemotherapy. VELCADE is a proteasome inhibitor, which is a sort of drug. The FDA has given it an endorsement to treat various myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma.

What is the purpose of the bortezomib injection?

Bortezomib is a drug that is used to treat different myeloma (a kind of illness of the bone marrow). Bortezomib is similarly used to treat mantle cell lymphoma patients (a rapidly creating sickness that beginnings in the cells of the protected structure). Bortezomib has a spot with the antineoplastic expert class of drugs.

What are the bortezomib side effects?

  • Dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, diarrhea, constipation, weariness, weakness, blurred vision, or pain/redness at the injection site are some of the possible side effects.
  • Advise your PCP or drug specialist right once on the off chance that any of these aftereffects continue or decline.

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Is bortezomib associated with hair loss?

Hair loss is a common occurrence. Going bald is certainly not an immediate symptom of Velcade, however, it very well may be brought about by different meds you’re taking with it. Individuals utilizing Velcade in addition to the cytotoxic prescription cyclophosphamide, for instance, may experience going bald.

How does bortezomib work in multiple myeloma?

What Is the Process? Velcade works by preventing the formation of enzyme complexes known as proteasomes. Proteasomes, which break down damaged and undesired proteins into smaller components, are found in both normal and malignant cells.

Velcade vs bortezomib, what’s the difference?

Velcade is another brand name for Bortezomib. It is a myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma therapy. Bortezomib can be taken on its own.

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