Bleomycin Injection 15 mg Bleocel

Trade Name: Bleocel

Manufacturer: Celon Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 15mg


What is Bleomycin Injection 15 mg used for?

Bleomycin Injection 15 mg belongs to the class of drugs known as antineoplastics. Cervical and uterine cancer, head and neck cancer, testicular and penile cancer, and some types of lymphoma are among the cancers for which it is used.

What is the best way to administer a Bleocel?

Once or twice a week, or as directed by your doctor, a health care professional injects this medicine into a vein, muscle, or beneath the skin. During a 10-minute period, this medication is gently administered into a vein.

What are the Bleomycin Injection 15 mg side effects?

  • For patients using Bleomycin Injection 15 mg the following adverse effects are prevalent (occurring in more than 30% of cases):
  • Fever and chills are present.
  • Redness, darkening of the skin, stretch marks on the skin, skin peeling,
  • the thickness of the skin, and ulceration are some of the skin symptoms.
  • Nail thickening and banding are two different types of nail thickening.
  • Hair loss is a common occurrence.

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When it comes to warts, how long does bleomycin work?

In group A, 82 (96.47 percent) of the 85 warts treated with 1 mg/mL intralesional bleomycin demonstrated full remission following one or two injections within 12 weeks.

When you use bleomycin, what happens to your lungs?

Bleomycin causes interstitial oedema in the lungs, as well as an inflow of inflammatory and immunological cells. This could lead to the development of pulmonary fibrosis, which is characterized by increased collagen and other matrix component production and deposition.

What is the treatment for Bleomycin Injection 15 mg toxicity?

Although no authorized standard treatment for Bleomycin-induced pulmonary toxicity exists, some of the most popular techniques to date include withholding bleomycin from the following chemotherapy, continuing with a non-bleomycin-based regimen in relevant patients, or corticosteroid medication.

Is Bleomycin Injection harmful to the nervous system?

Increased supply of bleomycin and 5-fluorouracil to the ipsilateral brain region was achieved through osmotic blood-brain barrier alteration, however, the increased delivery was linked with obvious neurotoxicity.

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