Bevacizumab 400mg Injection Bevatas

Trade Name: Bevatas

Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 400mg

What is the purpose of Bevacizumab 400mg Injection?

In persons who have not previously taken chemotherapy Bevacizumab 400mg Injection, in conjunction with atezolizumab, to treat hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) that has spread or cannot be removed by surgery.

What is 400 mg of Bevacizumab 400mg Injection?

Avastin (Bevacizumab 400mg Injection) is an antiangiogenic medication used to treat malignancies of the kidney, colon, rectum, lung, and breast. Avastin is frequently given as part of a cancer treatment regimen.

How do you administer Bevacizumab 400mg Injection?

Bevacizumab 400mg Injection Avastin When combined with other cancer medications, injection is an effective treatment strategy. It’s administered as an infusion. That means you obtain it through a small needle inserted into your vein or a port put beneath your skin.

Is bevacizumab a cancer treatment?

The monoclonal antibody is also approved for the treatment of lung cancer, kidney cancer, and glioblastoma, in addition to colorectal cancer. (For particular indications, see the table below.) Bevacizumab has also been approved for the treatment of HER2-negative metastatic breast cancer.

What are the bevacizumab side effects?

  • Consequences
  • Stools made of tar.
  • aches and pains in the body
  • Hands, arms, foot, or legs burning, tingling, numbness, or pain
  • Pain, discomfort, or tightness in the chest.
  • urine with cloudiness
  • abrasions on the skin
  • Urine production has decreased.
  • breathing that is rough or hard

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Is bevacizumab a chemotherapeutic agent?

Chemotherapy targets cells that proliferate quickly, such as cancer cells. Chemotherapy is not the same as Avastin ® (bevacizumab). Avastin is a chemotherapeutic drug that attacks cancer from a different angle. Avastin is an anti-angiogenic (tumor-starving) drug.

What causes bleeding when you use bevacizumab?

The mechanism behind bevacizumab-induced bleeding is still unknown. It’s most likely connected to VEGF signaling suppression. VEGF supports endothelial cell survival and helps to preserve vascular integrity by stimulating endothelial cell proliferation.

Is bevacizumab authorized by the FDA?

For ovarian cancer, the FDA has approved bevacizumab in conjunction with chemotherapy. Bevacizumab was authorized by the Food and Drug Administration on June 13, 2018. (Avastin, Genentech, Inc.)

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