Azacitidine 100mg Injection Azacytin

Trade Name: Azacytin

Manufacturer: Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 100mg

What is Azacitidine 100mg Injection of Azacytin used for?

Azacitidine 100mg Injection Azacytin infusion is utilized to treat patients with French-American-British (FAB) myelodysplastic disorder subtypes, including unmanageable weakness or ongoing leukemia. Azacitidine has a place with the gathering of medications called metabolites. It disrupts the development of disease cells, which are in the end annihilated.

Is azacitidine a chemo drug?

Drug Type: Azacitadine is a cytotoxic chemotherapy drug. This prescription has been delegated to an antimetabolite and a demethylating specialist

What amount of time might you at any point require azacitidine?

We firmly suggest that patients be treated with azacitidine for at least a half year and that in patients who accomplish a recorded reaction or stable illness (sd), treatment is gone on until sickness movement or unsuitable harmfulness happens.

What are the adverse effects of Azacitidine 100mg Injection Azacytin?

  • Azacitidine has the potential to induce adverse effects. Assuming any of these side effects are serious or don’t disappear, contact your doctor:
  • nausea.
  • vomiting.
  • diarrhea.
  • constipation.
  • wounds on the tongue or in the mouth
  • hemorrhoids.
  • Tenderness or soreness in the stomach.
  • heartburn.

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How would you infuse Azacitidine 100mg Injection Azacytin infusion?

Azacitidine for infusion suspension is regulated subcutaneously. Turn locales for every infusion (thigh, mid-region, or upper arm). New infusions ought to be offered something like the slightest bit of leeway from an old site and never into regions where the site is delicate, wounded, red, or hard.

Do you lose your hair with Azacitidine 100mg Injection Azacytin?

Your hair might get more slender. Be that as it may, you are probably not going to lose all the hair on your head. Balding for the most part begins after your first or second treatment. It is quite often brief, and your hair will ordinarily bounce back after treatment wraps up.

What amount of time does it require forAzacitidine 100mg Injection Azacytin to work?

It might take a few cycles (around 4 to a half years) for your primary care physician to see a distinction. Assuming you quit getting treatment, your side effects might return. Thusly, your doctor might need to save you on it however long you keep on profiting from it and its aftereffects don’t expect you to stop it.

Could Azacitidine 100mg Injection Azacytin be given at home?

A specialist or other arranged prosperity master will give you this prescription. You may likewise be shown how to give your medication at home. This medication is offered as a chance under your skin or into a vein. This medication is allowed one time each day, for 7 days (1 treatment cycle).

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