Apixaban Tablets 2.5mg Apigat 2.5

Trade Name:Apigat 2.5

Manufacturer:Natco Pharma Ltd

Presentation: Tablets

Strength2.5 mg

Is Apixaban Tablets and Apigat same?

Presentation. APIGAT 2.5MG contains Apixaban Tablets which has a place with the gathering of prescriptions called anticoagulants.

What is apixaban 2.5 mg tablet utilized for?

Apixaban is utilized to forestall serious blood clumps from framing because of a specific sporadic heartbeat (atrial fibrillation) or after hip/knee substitution medical procedure. With atrial fibrillation, a piece of the heart doesn’t thump the manner in which it ought to.

What is Apigat tablet?

Apigat 5 Tablet 30’s has a place with a class of medications called ‘anticoagulants’ (blood thinners) principally used to forestall and treat profound vein apoplexy (blood clumps in leg veins) and pneumonic embolism (blood clusters in the lung).

What Apixaban Tablets effects could this prescription at any point cause?

  • draining gums.
  • nosebleeds.
  • weighty vaginal dying.
  • red, pink, or earthy colored pee.
  • red or dark, hesitate stools.
  • hacking up or heaving blood or material that seems to be coffee beans.
  • expanding or joint agony.
  • cerebral pain.

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What is the best opportunity to take Apixaban Tablets?

Take apixaban precisely as your PCP tells you to. It is required two times every day, ideally in the first part of the day and the night. Your PCP or drug specialist will let you know which strength of tablet is appropriate for you as there are two qualities of apixaban accessible – 2.5 mg and 5 mg.

What food varieties would it be advisable for me to stay away from while taking Apixaban Tablets?

There is a few information that ginger, ginkgo biloba, turmeric, and a few Chinese spices can bring about an expanded gamble of draining when joined with a blood diminishing prescription, for example, apixaban. Also, St. John’s wort might diminish the adequacy of apixaban.

Is Apixaban Tablets a blood more slender?

These medications are in many cases used to treat comparative circumstances. Apixaban is a blood more slender and assists with forestalling blood clumps from shaping in your body.

What is the instrument of activity for Apixaban Tablets?

Apixaban represses free and cluster bound FXa, and prothrombinase action. Apixaban meaningfully affects platelet total, yet in a roundabout way hinders platelet conglomeration prompted by thrombin. By restraining FXa, apixaban diminishes thrombin age and clots improvement.

What occurs assuming you quit taking Apixaban Tablets?

In the event that you quit taking apixaban, the rate at which your blood coagulations will get back to what it was before you begun taking it, typically in the span of a little while of halting. This implies that you might be at expanded hazard of difficult issues like stroke, coronary failure, profound vein apoplexy or pneumonic embolism.

What amount of time does apixaban require to work?

Apixaban starts to lessen blood coagulating inside a couple of hours subsequent to taking the main portion. In the event that you quit taking apixaban, its impacts on coagulating start to wear off in somewhere around 24 hours for the vast majority.

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