Acivir- Aciclovir 5gm Cream

Trade Name: Acivir

Manufacturer:Cipla Limited

Presentation: Cream

Strength  5 mg

Introduction of Acivir- Aciclovir 5gm Cream

Acivir- Aciclovir 5gm Cream has a place with the class of ‘antivirals,’ principally used to treat herpes simplex infection infections of the skin. It is utilized to treat genital herpes and herpes labialis/mouth blisters (herpes simplex infection infections of the lips and face).

Acivir Cream contains Aciclovir, which is an antiviral medicine. It works by killing and stopping the development of the herpes simplex infection.

Acivir Cream is for outer utilize as it were. Normal results of Acivir Cream 5 gm include dry/broke lips, flaky skin, and impermanent burning or stinging sensation. These aftereffects may not happen in each tolerant using this medicine and progressively resolve over the long run. In the event that the secondary effects continue longer or decline, if it’s not too much trouble, look for a specialist’s recommendation.

Inform your primary care physician as to whether you are hypersensitive to any drugs. Acivir Cream 5 gm isn’t intended for use on the mucous layers, in the eye or inside the mouth or nose. Stay away from contact of the tip of the dispensing tube with the infected regions and different surfaces to forestall contamination. Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies ought to counsel their primary care physician prior to starting Acivir Cream 5 gm. This medicine ought to be utilized in kids just when exhorted by a specialist.

Benefits of Acivir- Aciclovir 5gm Cream

In Herpes labialis

Herpes labialis, usually known as mouth blisters, is a viral infection that principally influences the lip. Side effects commonly include a burning pain followed by little rankles or wounds. Acivir- Aciclovir 5gm Cream can accelerate the healing of herpes labialis and furthermore forestall repeat of the bruises. Continue to involve this medicine as recommended by the specialist to get most extreme advantage.

uses of Acivir- Aciclovir 5gm Cream

Genital herpes and Herpes labialis/cold sores.

Side Effects of Acivir- Aciclovir 5gm Cream

Most incidental effects require no clinical consideration and vanish as your body changes with the medicine. Counsel your PCP assuming they persevere or on the other hand on the off chance that you’re stressed over them

Normal results of Acivir

Application site responses (burning, bothering, itching, and redness)

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DIirection For Use

Acivir Cream 5 gm is for outside utilize as it were. Take a limited quantity on the fingertip and apply it as a thin layer on the spotless and dry impacted region as recommended by your primary care physician. Keep away from contact with the nose, mouth or eyes. In the event of unintentional contact with these areas, rinse with water completely. Clean up when application to forestall the spread of infection.


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight

How To Use Acivir Cream

This medicine is for outside utilize as it were. Use it in the portion and span as prompted by your primary care physician. Actually take a look at the name for headings before use. Perfect and dry the impacted region and apply the cream. Clean up in the wake of applying, except if hands are the impacted region.

How Acivir- Aciclovir 5gm Cream Works

Acivir Cream is an antiviral prescription which treats skin infections brought about by Herpes simplex infection. It works by preventing the augmentation of infection in the skin cells. This prevents the infection from producing new infections and clears up your skin infection.

Quick tips

  • Acivir- Aciclovir 5gm Cream helps treat monotonous herpes labialis (mouth rankles).
  • Treatment should be started when possible following the beginning of signs and secondary effects.
  • Apply it thinly to the affected area multiple times every day, or as suggested by your essential consideration doctor.
  • Make an effort not to involve it in the eyes, mouth, nose or vagina as it could cause bothering. In case inadvertent transparency occurs, rinse quickly with a great deal of water.
  • Make an effort not to contact the injuries pointlessly with your hands or towel, to do whatever it takes not to spread the infection.
  • Inform your essential consideration doctor in case your aftereffects get worse following 10 days of treatment.


In which conditions would it be a good idea for me to remain mindful while using Acivir Cream 5 gm?

Acivir Cream 5 gm ought to be utilized with appropriate mindfulness and specialist meeting in the event that you have any unfavorably susceptible responses to medicines, liver or kidney sicknesses, or debilitated resistant framework in cases like HIV infection, bone marrow relocate or disease therapy.

What are the precautionary measures to be taken while I use Acivir Cream 5 gm?

Stay away from contact of the tip of the dispensing tube with the infected regions and different surfaces to forestall contamination. Try not to apply the item on the mucous layers, like inside the mouth or vagina, or on the eye.

Q. Is Acivir Cream viable?

Acivir Cream is viable assuming utilized in the portion and span exhorted by your primary care physician. Try not to quit taking it regardless of whether you see improvement in your condition. Assuming you quit using Acivir Cream too soon, the side effects might return or decline.

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