Afatinib Tablet 50mg Xovoltib

Trade Name: Xovoltib

Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 50mg

What is the purpose of the Afatinib Tablet?

Afatinib Tablet is a drug that is used to treat non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that has progressed to neighboring tissues or other sections of the body. Afatinib belongs to the kinase inhibitor class of drugs.

When should you start taking afatinib?

Afatinib is taken once a day on an empty stomach. You should take them at least one hour before or after eating. Unless the adverse effects become too severe, you normally continue taking it for as long as it is still effective.

What are the afatinib side effects?

  • Consequences
  • Urine that is bloody or cloudy.
  • Eyes that are burning, dry, or itchy.
  • Urination that is difficult, scorching, or painful.
  • severe ripping or discharge
  • Urge to urinate on a regular basis.
  • The eye, eyelid, or inner lining of the eyelid may be red, painful, or swollen.
  • The skin may be red, swollen, or painful.
  • The flesh on the hands and feet begins to scald.

Is afatinib associated with weight gain?

If you experience any very serious side effects, seek medical attention right away. These include signs of lung difficulties (such as difficulty breathing, chest discomfort), symptoms of heart failure (such as shortness of breath, swelling ankles/feet, unusual weariness, and unusual/sudden weight gain).

Is afatinib preferable to erlotinib?

Afatinib has clinical efficacy as a second-line treatment for individuals with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung, according to this study. When compared to erlotinib, afatinib reduced the risk of death and improved progression-free survival, health-related quality-of-life outcomes, and symptom control.

Is it safe to drink alcohol when taking afatinib?

Alcohol consumption (in tiny doses) appears to have no effect on the safety or effectiveness of afatinib. with afatinib treatment and for 2 weeks following the last dose If you or your partner becomes pregnant, call your doctor straight away.

What is the duration of Afatanib’s action?

In LUX-Lung 3, median overall survival was 33.3 months in the afatinib group versus 21.1 months in the chemotherapy group (HR 054; 95 percent CI 036–079; P=.0015); in LUX-Lung 6, it was 31.4 months versus 18.4 months (HR 0.64; 95 percent CI 044–094; P=. 023).

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