Valganciclovir tablet 450 mg Valcyte

Trade Name: Valcyte

Manufacturer: Roche products India Pvt Ltd

Presentation: Tablet


What is the purpose of Valganciclovir tablet 450 mg?

Valganciclovir tablet 450 mg is a type of antiviral medication. It’s a drug that’s used to treat viral infections. This medication is also used to prevent CMV infection in organ donation recipients (eg, heart, kidney, or kidney-pancreas transplant).

What are the benefits of taking valganciclovir tablets?

In persons with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, valganciclovir is used to treat cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis (an infection of the eye that can lead to blindness) (AIDS).

What are Valganciclovir tablet 450 mg side effects?

  • Fever
  • chills
  • fatigue
  • mouth sores
  • skin sores
  • easy bruising
  • unusual bleeding
  • light-headedness
  • or shortness of breath
  • discomfort or burning when urinating; nausea
  • vomiting, diarrhea
  • headache
  • tremors
  • sleep problems (insomnia). for more detail click here

Can you take Valcyte for an extended period of time?

Valcyte is usually given in two doses twice a day for 21 days (three weeks). If you take this dose for more than 21 days without consulting your doctor, you risk increasing your risk of side effects.

Is it possible for Valganciclovir tablet 450 mg to harm the liver?

There isn’t much evidence that ganciclovir or valganciclovir can induce clinically noticeable liver damage. Ganciclovir is also active against HBV, and HBV DNA levels fall during treatment and then rise when treatment is stopped, resulting in an acute hepatitis B flare that can be symptomatic and severe.

How long does valganciclovir take to work?

It takes about 2 hours for serum concentrations to reach their maximum. In persons with normal renal function, valganciclovir is excreted as ganciclovir in the urine, with a half-life of around 4 hours.

After a kidney transplant, how long do you take Valganciclovir?

CMV D+/R– kidney/pancreas recipients should get valganciclovir prophylaxis for three months after transplantation because of the significant risk of CMV infection33.

What is valganciclovir’s indication?

Valganciclovir is used to prevent CMV infection in CMV-negative adults and children (ages 0 to 18) who have received a solid organ donation from a CMV-positive donor.

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