Temsirolimus 25mg Injection Sirotem

Trade Name: Sirotem

Manufacturer: Celon Laboratories Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 25mg/ml

What is Temsirolimus used for?

Temsirolimus is an mTOR inhibitor, which is a sort of targeted cancer medication. It inhibits the actions of a protein known as mTOR, which is frequently overactive in cancer cells. The cells proliferate and grow as a result of this protein.

What is Sirotem Injection?

Sirotem Injection is utilized as a chemotherapy specialist for the therapy of kidney malignancy and mantle cell lymphoma (a kind of disease of lymph hubs insusceptible cells). It works by hindering strange proteins that cause the increase of disease cells. This aids in easing back the development of growths.

Is torisel chemotherapy?

Temsirolimus, also known as Torisel, is a generic chemotherapeutic medication. When referring to the trade medicine name Torisel, health care practitioners may use the generic term Temsirolimus. Torisel is a type of targeted therapy. It’s known as an mTOR inhibitor.

How Sirotem Injection is used?

Sirotem Injection is a doctor-prescribed medication that should be controlled by a medical care proficient. You should get a specific portion of it according to the remedy. An excess of this medication might have genuine incidental effects on the body.

What kind of drug is temsirolimus?

Temsirolimus belongs to the kinase inhibitor class of drugs. It works by preventing the aberrant protein from instructing cancer cells to proliferate. This could help cancers develop more slowly.

Common Side effects of Temsirolimus 25mg Injection:

Some normal results of this medication incorporate rash, shortcomings, sickness, edema, loss of craving, frailty, expanded glucose level in the blood, expanded blood lipid level, and expanded basic phosphatase level in blood. In the event that any of the incidental effects continue or trouble you, counsel the specialist right away. Advise the specialist quickly on the off chance that you experience any hypersensitive responses like rash, windedness, hacking, and enlarging. For more details Click Here.

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