Ribociclib 200mg Tablet Kryxana

Trade Name: Kryxana

Manufacturer: Novartis India Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 200mg

What is Ribociclib 200mg Tablet Kryxana?

Ribociclib 200mg is an anti-tumor medicine that is used in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer that has spread throughout the body. Malignancy cells are slowed down in their development and eventually killed as a result of this treatment. This method cures the symptoms of bosom disease, such as lumps on the bosom, gruesome release from areolas, and alterations that resemble the bosom.

How Ribociclib 200mg Tablet Kryxana is used?

When taking Ribociclib 200mg Tablet Kryxana, you can take it with or without meals. It is usually administered in combination with another drug. The length of treatment varies depending on your individual needs and response to treatment. Take it in the particular portion and time frame prescribed by your primary care physician. While using this medication, you may be required to undergo routine blood testing.

Common Side effects of Ribociclib 200mg Tablet:

The most common side effects of this medicine are a decreased white platelet count, queasiness, tiredness, looseness of the bowels, turning bald, vomiting, obstruction, migraine, and back pain. As a result of neutropenia, your white platelet count decreases, and your immune system becomes debilitated, you will experience an all-around reported antagonistic effect. As a result, you could be in greater danger of contracting a sickness. However, after you stop using the prescription, you will see that this incidental side effect will go rapidly. For more details Click Here.

Uses of Ribiciclib:

Ribociclib is a medication that is used to treat hormone-related breast cancer in female patients. It is only used if your cancer tests negative for a protein known as human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) (HER2). The HER2 protein has the potential to accelerate the development of cancer cells.

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