Trastuzumab 150mg Injection Hertraz

Trade Name: Hertraz

Manufacturer: Mylan Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 150mg

What is Trastuzumab 150mg Injection Hertrazand how does it work?

Trastuzumab 150mg Injection Hertraz is a drug that is used to treat cancers of the breast, stomach, and oesophagus. This medication is utilized to treat diseases that produce an extreme measure of a substance known as HER2 protein trastuzumab is a monoclonal immune response, and that implies it has a place with a class of medications called monoclonal antibodies.

What is the purpose of trastuzumab?

Herceptin is known by the generic name Trastuzumab. In some circumstances, it’s used to treat breast cancer, esophageal cancer, and stomach cancer.

What are the Trastuzumab 150mg Injection Hertraz side effects?

  • Fever
  • chills
  • headache
  • infection
  • congestive heart failure
  • sleeplessness
  • cough
  • the rash is the most prevalent adverse effect found in the treatment of metastatic
  • breast cancer (based on intravenous trastuzumab).

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Is trastuzumab a drug or a pill?

Trastuzumab 150mg Injection Hertraz injectable medicines are used in combination with other treatments to treat some types of stomach cancer that have progressed to other parts of the body. Trastuzumab belongs to the monoclonal antibody class of drugs. It works by holding infection cells back from creating.

Is trastuzumab a type of chemotherapy?

Trastuzumab 150mg Injection Hertraz is a monoclonal antibody that is used to treat metastatic (spread) breast cancer. It neutralizes malignant growths that have an excess of the HER2/neu protein. As part of an adjuvant chemotherapy regimen for lymph-node-positive, HER2/neu protein-positive breast cancer patients.

What is the duration of your trastuzumab treatment?

Trastuzumab 150mg Injection Hertraz is commonly administered for one year following surgery if you have primary breast cancer (around 18 cycles). If you’re on trastuzumab before surgery, expect to go through four to six cycles.

Trastuzumab is immunotherapy, right?

Theratope is active selective immunotherapy, whereas trastuzumab is passive immunotherapy that targets the HER-2 receptor (Herceptin). Trastuzumab has been shown to be effective in HER-2-overexpressing metastatic breast cancer as a monotherapy and in combination with chemotherapy treatments.

Trastuzumab is a type of medication.

Trastuzumab, also known as Herceptin, Herzuma, and Ontruzant, is a cancer medication with a specific target. It is used to treat early and advanced breast cancer, advanced stomach cancer, and cancer of the junction between the food pipe and the stomach (gastro-oesophageal junction).

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