Methycobalamin 1500mg PG CO MNT TAB

Trade Name:–Methycobalamin 1500mg

Manufacturer: –Wockhardt Ltd



May I take Methycobalamin 1500mg every day?

Methycobalamin 1500mg per day is the recommended dosage to treat vitamin B12 insufficiency. For preventing vitamin B12 insufficiency, the daily dose is 1500 mg or 2500 mcg (sublingual pills).

Can I take Methycobalamin 1500mg dose?

Dosage. The suggested dose of methylcobalamin or 5-adenosylcobalamin is 1500 mcg daily or 500 mcg three times a day for the optimum bioavailability and absorption. The cyanocobalamin found in most generic vitamins might not be as efficient or advantageous.

What occurs if your B12 level is excessive?

High vitamin B-12 dosages, such as those prescribed to address a deficiency, could result in: Headache. vomiting and nauseous. Diarrhea.

What is the purpose of 1500 mcg of methylcobalamin?

Mecobal 1500 MCG Tablet is a synthetic form of vitamin B12, which is essential for the synthesis of red blood cells, brain function, and healthy nerves. This medication is mostly utilised to treat Vitamin B12 insufficiency in anaemic and peripheral neuropathies patients (nerve pain in hands and feet).

Is methylcobalamin safe to consume at night?

B-12 supplementation before bed
As there is no clinical evidence proving a meaningful difference between taking vitamin B-12 in the morning or at night, there is no recommended time of day when you should take vitamin B-12 supplements.

What is the benefit of methylcobalamin?

A lack of vitamin B12 is treated with methylcobalamin. The brain, nerves, and red blood cell formation all benefit from vitamin B12. People with pernicious anaemia, diabetes, and other diseases may occasionally utilise methylcobalamin.

Methylcobalamin B12  Is it secure?

  • Methylcobalamin, also known as Methyl B12, is regarded as probably safe when used carefully, according to the Natural Medicines Database.
  • High amounts of this vitamin could, however, have negative effects.

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Does methylcobalamin act as analgesic?

MeCbl may offer potential analgesic effects, according to recent findings from both experimental and clinical research. MeCbl, for instance, reduced pain behaviours in neuralgia, low back pain, and diabetic neuropathy.

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