Levetiracetam USP 250mg LEVETAFINE-250

Trade Name:–Levetiracetam USP 250mg

Manufacturer: –UCB Pharmaceuticals Inc.



What is the purpose of Levetiracetam USP 250mg?

Levetiracetam USP 250mg is used both alone and in combination with other drugs to treat partial-onset seizures (seizures that affect only a portion of the brain) in adults, kids, and babies older than one month.

What impacts on the body does Levetiracetam USP 250mg?

In the treatment of epilepsy, levetiracetam is used either alone or in combination with other medications to help control specific types of seizures (such as partial seizures, myoclonic seizures, or tonic-clonic seizures). For as long as you use the medication, it will only serve to reduce seizures; it cannot treat epilepsy.

What adverse effects does the drug levetiracetam have?

  • Dizziness.
  • Headache.
  • Irritability.
  • loss of energy and strength.
  • Changes in mood and conduct.
  • Sleepiness.

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Are you drowsy after using levetiracetam?

It’s possible to feel weak, groggy, or unusually exhausted. As your body becomes used to the drug, these side effects often become less frequent after the first four weeks. Inform your doctor or pharmacist right once if any of these side effects persist or get worse.

Is memory loss a side effect of levetiracetam?

Lethargy, asthenia, infection, dizziness, and unstable gait are the most frequent serious adverse effects of levetiracetam. Thinking irregularities, memory issues, anxiety, depression, agitation, vertigo, and paresthesias are some of the less frequent adverse effects.

When using levetiracetam, what foods should I avoid?

food levETIRAcetam
LevETIRAcetam’s adverse effects on the neurological system, including as lightheadedness, sleepiness, and difficulties concentrating, might be exacerbated by alcohol. Additionally, a cognitive and judgmental impairment may be experienced by some persons.

Is levetiracetam a safe drug?

The safety and tolerability of levetiracetam are being demonstrated. So far, it seems to have a good safety record among vulnerable groups like kids, the elderly, and people with liver disease.

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