Febuxostat F/C 40 Mg.FEBIFINE-40

Trade Name:–Etoricoxib 90mg.

Manufacturer: –Morepen Laboratories Ltd


Strength:-40 Mg.

What function does Febuxostat F/C 40 Mg?

Febuxostat F/C 40 Mg When allopurinol treatment for gout was ineffective or was not an option, patients were given febuxostat to reduce hyperuricemia (high levels of uric acid in the blood). This medication inhibits the enzyme xanthine oxidase. It functions by reducing the body’s production of uric acid.

What is the process for Febuxostat F/C 40 Mg?

A xanthine oxidase inhibitor is Febustat 40 Tablet. It functions by lowering blood uric acid, the substance that causes gout.

For how long should I take 40mg of febuxostat?

Keep in mind that febuxostat needs to be taken daily to prevent gout attacks. The full effects may not be felt for up to six months. Although you should continue taking it routinely every day even if you get a gout attack, it has no impact during an attack.

What negative consequences might febuxostat 40 mg have?

  • Effects of Febuxostat
  • Unreliable findings from a liver function test, nausea, joint discomfort, and rashes.
    flare-ups of gout.

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Which uric acid tablet is the best?

Uric acid production is decreased by allopurinol (Aloprim, Zyloprim). Inflammation is lessened with colchicine (Colcrys, Mitigare). Uric acid synthesis is decreased by febuxostat (Uloric). A more potent NSAID pain medication is indomethacin (Indocin, Tivorbex).

Does febuxostat benefit the kidneys?

Patients with moderate to severe renal impairment have shown that febuxostat is safe and effective, therefore dose adjustment is not necessary in these cases. In order to assess the effectiveness and safety of febuxostat in patients with CKD and hyperuricemia, we conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis.

What occurs if uric acid levels are high?

Hyperuricemia is a disorder that develops when the body retains too much uric acid. Urate (or uric acid) crystals may occur as a result of hyperuricemia. These crystals can accumulate in the joints and lead to gout, a painful form of arthritis. They may also become lodged there and develop kidney stones.

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