Eptifibatide Injection 20 mg Eptide

Trade Name: Eptide

Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 20mg


What is Eptide 20 mg Eptifibatide Injection?

Eptide 20 mg is a medication that is used to treat eptide intoxication. Eptifibatide Injection is a blood thinner that works by preventing the formation of potentially deadly blood clots. It is administered intravenously. It is used in the treatment of heart attacks, as well as in the prevention of blood clotting in the heart during an angioplasty procedure (procedure to improve blood flow to the heart).

How does Eptifibatide Injection work?

Eptide 20mg is a prescription medication. It is necessary to deliver injections under the guidance of a medical professional. Your doctor will determine the appropriate dose and duration of treatment for you. Although you will receive this injection, you should continue to take all of your other drugs as prescribed by your doctor for the duration of your long-term treatment.

Common Side effects of Eptide 20 mg Injection:

  • The usage of this medication may result in low blood platelet counts,
  • which increases your risk of bruising and bleeding.
  • If you notice a pinpoint rash or if you notice blood in your vomit,
  • urine, or stool, call your doctor as soon as possible.
  • As a side effect, it has the potential to produce low blood pressure.
  • Before administering this medication, your doctor will go over the advantages and risks connected with it with you in detail.

For some persons, this medication should be used with caution. Before taking it, you must tell your doctor if you have a blood issue, kidney illness, or liver disease, among other things. Also, let your doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and about all the other medications that you are taking regularly. Read more

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