Decitabine 50 mg Injection Decitas

Trade Name: Decitas

Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 50mg

What is Decitabine 50 mg Injection Decitas and how does it work?

Myelodysplastic syndrome is treated with decitabine Decitabine 50 mg Injection Decitas (a group of conditions in which the bone marrow produces blood cells that are misshapen and does not produce enough healthy blood cells). Decitabine belongs to a class of drugs known as hypomethylation agents.

What is the maximum amount of time you can take decitabine?

If someone is very unwell, decitabine may be administered in the hospital. Every 28 days, Decitabine is given again. This is referred to as a single cycle. Decitabine treatment is continued until it no longer works or is discontinued due to undesirable adverse effects.

How long does Decitabine 50 mg Injection Decitastake to work?

The median period for patients to attain any level of remission Decitabine 50 mg Injection Decitas for either CR or CRh was 2 months in the clinical research (with a range of 0.8 to 4.2 months).

What is the efficacy of Decitabine 50 mg Injection Decitas?

Conclusions: Decitabine 50 mg Injection Decitas was found to be effective and generally safe in the treatment of MDS and AML in our study. Patients with agranulocytosis and severe anaemia had a poor prognosis, which should be closely followed in clinical practise.

Is decitabine linked to hair loss?

Many others, on the other hand, experience no or moderate negative effects. If any of these or any other adverse effects annoy you or do not go away, contact your doctor or seek medical help: Hair loss is a common occurrence. Constipation, diarrhoea, stomach pain, upset stomach, vomiting, or a lack of appetite are all symptoms of constipation.

Decitabine is manufactured by whom?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada have approved INQOVI® (decitabine and cedazuridine) tablets, according to Astex Pharmaceuticals, Taiho Oncology, Inc., and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The three businesses are all part of the Otsuka corporation.

What are decitabine’s side effects?

Headache, dizziness, tiredness, lethargy, fever, nausea, vomiting, and stomach discomfort are all common Dacogen side effects.

Decitabine is a type of medication.

Decitabine is an anti-cancer chemotherapeutic medication (also known as “antineoplastic” or “cytotoxic”). Decitabine is a “demethylation” agent as well as an “antimetabolite.” For more details Click Here.

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